If you had all the money and time in the world, what is it that you would want to be, do or have?

The million dollar question.

Have you ever asked yourself this million dollar question? And if so, what did you answer? I have asked myself this question a gazillion times over the past two decades. It was always my go-to question to distill my goals and dreams. And, later on, to design an action plan to achieve these goals and dreams. But what if there were 15 life-changing questions to ask yourself that go to the core of what you really want?

Does your old life still suit you?

In December 2019, I wanted to develop my new action plan for 2020. So, as usual, I asked myself the million dollar question again: If you had all the money and time in the world, what is it that you would want to be, do or have?

I started to prepare a new action plan. However, I kept going around in circles with the million-dollar question. Hence, the answer to this question even seemed to change from day to day. I`ve felt my old dreams and goals no longer suited me. Since the past couple of years, I felt like I had outgrown my old life and dreams.


A journey towards your authentic self.

As humans, we are continually evolving and growing. That is why old dreams and goals that we once cherished will gradually fade out of our attention field. Recently, humanity seems to be changing faster than ever before. More and more people are going through a transformation process. This ensures that they can finally become their true authentic self.

I have long felt that I wanted to manifest completely different things in life than others. But still I kept on struggling with my goals that I had set. For some reason, I felt that I had to live up to the intentions I’ve set up for myself, whether I liked it or not.

The universe shows you the way.

Gradually I sensed that my higher self had a different plan for my life than what I had previously set up for myself. Because so many things failed and I kept bumping into obstacles. That told me that the time had come to let go of my old goals and aspirations and take on a different path.


Time to move on.

Suddenly, a book that was in my bookcase for years on end, caught my attention. It was a Dutch book written by Barbara Borecka & René Argonijt called `Liefde & Vrijheid`. The first chapter contained 15 life-changing questions to ask yourself in order to find out what it is that you truly want in life.

Why is it not probable to achieve particular goals?

If we are still unable to achieve a specific goal, after years of hard work and struggle, or we are unable to make our dream come true, it has only one cause. And no, it has nothing to do with the fact that you have not worked hard enough, that you were unmotivated or even lazy. Or worse, that you are not intelligent or competent enough to make your dreams come true. That is not the case at all!

If, after years of toil and sweat, we still fail to achieve our goal or dream, this only means that the chosen goal or dream was not our most essential heart’s desire. But more a construction of our ego or an ideal image imposed by society.

The proper way to go about it.

How can you uncover what your heart’s desire truly is? Actually, you can discover it by solving the questionnaire below. The answers to these 15 life-changing questions to ask yourself, will reveal a detailed picture of your sincere heart’s desire.

I took two weeks to work through them. Every morning, during my personal development time, I solved one of the questions. Before you begin to address these questions, I recommend that you incorporate a short meditation, so you are completely calm and relaxed.

Alright, let`s get to work!

Choose a quiet place where you can not be disturbed, take out a pen and paper, and start your journey of discovering your heart’s desires.



15 life-changing questions to ask yourself

1. What would you do if you had 50 million dollars in your bank account now?

2. Imagine that you are entirely free, free from:

  • money
  • obligations
  • expectations
  • connections
  • diseases
  • all other restrictions

What would you like to be, do, and have then?

3. Build a vision about your life based on total freedom. Formulate what you want to be from within the core of your being.

4. What would you do if you had 500 years to live?

5. Assume you would be vital, active, energetic, healthy, strong, and fit every day for the rest of your life and you would be able to remain so forever, what would you do with your life?

6. What would you do if you had hundreds of years to live and were healthy every day, what would you go after?

7. Imagine that everything you do brings you the same amount of success, money, fame, appreciation, and prestige, what would you do then?

8. If you imagine that all the people who are important to you, surely think that everything you create is fantastic, what do you want to create?

9. If society and people (in your environment) would respond incredibly positive to everything you do. If they would never judge you negatively, and always thought you are beautiful no matter what, what would you like to do, be or have?

10. Imagine that you love yourself so much and that you fully accept yourself as you are. Imagine that you never want to be anyone else on earth than yourself, because it is so fantastic to be you. What would you like then? What would you do with your life? What would be going after?

11. If you knew for sure people in your environment would be perfectly fine without your help and commitment, what would you want to create?

12. If nobody needs your help and you don’t need to help anyone out, what would you do? By imagining this and answering this question, you clear away low interpretations of love and care.

13. If you were already an enlightened master and you didn’t need to grow in any way, what would you do? Would you like to build a mark on earth? If so, what would that be?

14. Imagine that you are perfectly happy, that you shine every moment of the day, that you are utterly satisfied, and you are always in a state of pure bliss, joy, and happiness. What would you want to do? What do you want to create? What do you choose from joy and happiness? What would you do if you were the luckiest person on earth?

15. What is it that you ultimately wish to be, do, and have, in essence? What is the reason behind everything you want and behind all your dreams? What do you truly want the most?

What next?

The authors of the book recommend examining the answers to your questions in the following way:

  • See what appeals to you in particular.
  • See if there are any surprising answers.
  • See if there is something that gives you an excellent feeling.
  • See if there is something you feel is essential to you.
  • See if anything comes up that you know you would want the most.

After that, start to outline three to five items from the answers. Formulate them clearly and make these items your goals.

For me, the answers of these 15 life-changing questions to ask yourself, were unique and profound. Some even turned out to be real eye-openers for me and made me realize that I want to change course.

I already finished my renewed action plan for 2020. And now it’s up to you. I wish you a fun time exploring the questions and designing your action plan. All the best to you!

Source: Book Liefde & Vrijheid – Barbara Borecka & RenĂ© Argonijt