Saying goodbye…

For many of us, it is something to be afraid of. For so many people, it is even one of the most horrible experiences that one can encounter in life…

Why are we all afraid of saying goodbye?

Farewell, the word alone makes my stomach cringe. As, if you are forever separated from someone you love. That’s what the term makes you believe. That’s why the thought of saying goodbye to someone is so heartbreaking for most people. And it is the reason why so many people wonder how to say goodbye to someone you love.

Is it really true that we are separated from this person?

Are we really left by someone the moment that person or animal departs the earth? Is it true that both the body and soul of a living being can disappear? No, I don’t think that’s accurate at all. I will even go farther by telling you this: saying goodbye simply doesn’t exist! And I’ll also tell you why.

Heart connection.

We have been connected throughout all or life, or part of our life, to this beloved person or animal. The connection was always there, whether we saw each other regularly or not. Even though we hadn’t seen or heard this person for months or even years at a time, it didn’t matter! Because we always felt the connection, didn’t we?

We know that that person or animal is there for us and that the bond between our hearts remains. All of this considered, how can there be a farewell?  How can we truly be separated from someone?

Why still doubt?

If our beloved person or animal was still alive, was his or her body always in our physical proximity? I am sure your answer will be no. Yet we knew deep in our hearts that our connection would always be there. That is something we never doubted!

Then why do we doubt it if that person or animal has left its body? It is not because the body no longer walks around on earth that the soul does not persist. So why do you wonder how to say goodbye to someone you love, if there are no goodbyes?

But I thought their life ended forever

That might be a logical thought, considering the person or animal’s body died, you think its life ended for good. But what if there is more to it?

When I was eleven, my dad left earth due to cancer. There was a time when I thought I’d lost him forever. I was convinced that it was over and done with, that our chapter together ended for good.

It certainly was a heartbreaking thought that I had to give up on the man who was always there for me, my greatest hero, and my most significant support. I had to give him up for good now, or so I figured. It was the most awful thing that could ever happen to me.

Coincidence or not?

After a while, I noticed something unusual. At times, when I was feeling unwell or sad, extraordinary things occurred to me. Dad’s favorite song was suddenly played on the radio although it was an ancient song.

And then there was that particular day I had a tough time at school, and I was crying all alone in my bedroom. I suddenly felt a warm hand on my shoulder. At the same time, I was enveloped in a cloud of warm air. Later that day, a pigeon couple landed on my windowsill, and they kept gazing lovingly at me through the window.

These were all exceptional events for sure. At first, I didn’t think much about it. Gradually these coincidences became a little too coincidental. So I started talking to mom about it. Miraculously, she also experienced similar things when she was struggling or feeling sad!

You haven’t lost them!

Something like that couldn’t be a coincidence anymore. From that time on, I knew my father wasn’t gone at all. All these extraordinary occurrences were Dad’s way of showing us that he was still with us, albeit in a different form.

So we still shared the same connection as when he was still on earth.

Although he could no longer be with us in the physical realm, he could do so much more for us from his non-physical form. Because wherever we were or wherever we went, he was always near, and he always protected and helped us.

Communication on a new level.

After realizing this, I also consciously started to communicate with him inside my mind. If I had a question or was faced with a significant choice, I explained my issue to him and waited for an answer. And the answer appeared. Always!

However, every single time his response came to me differently. Sometimes it came through someone who suddenly told me a story. It could be through something I read in a magazine or book. Through means of a dream, an advertisement, or song lyrics, I overheard on the radio. For me, it didn’t matter how his answer came to me, as long as it was there.

Later on, I started to experience his energy field around me when he was in the room. Henceforth, I was even able to hear his voice. So I could still count on my dad no matter what, even more so now than when he was still on earth because he was always close by. So if there ever is a time in your life when you start to wonder how to say goodbye to someone you love, stop worrying immediately.

They are still there for you!

Don’t be afraid that your connection with your loved one will be lost forever because they are still there!

Even though you no longer see them with your physical eyes, you can still feel them. Hence, you can always talk to them inside your mind. You can even ask them to give you a sign or ask for their assistance.


Infinite connection.

It is all possible. All you have to do is be open to the answer that your beloved person or animal will send you. Always keep faith in the given fact that your connection will exist forever.

Because even though we can no longer see and touch our deceased loved one, the bond will live on forever. It will exist indefinitely, in this life and far beyond!